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America is a Gun – A Reflection

by the Revd Dr Hayley Matthews, Director of Lay Training, Leeds Diocese Currently doing the social media rounds, this poem manages to grasp in very simple terms the horror the ‘developed West’ feels at the recent shooting in yet another … Continue reading

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Know Your Enemies

by the Revd Dr Jeremy Morris, Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge I’m always sceptical of sentences that begin with some such phrase as ‘history teaches us that…’  It’s not that history doesn’t teach us things.  But what it teaches is … Continue reading

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Is Organised Religion Inherently Abusive?

by the Revd Canon Rosie Harper, Chaplain to the Bishop of Buckingham and Member of the General Synod Time to think about General Synod. I always find it a very complex experience, and working through last week has been made … Continue reading

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Valuing People with Downs Syndrome – A Place to Start

by the Rt Revd Dr David Walker, Bishop of Manchester For five years, in my time as a parish priest, my default activity for a Tuesday afternoon was to visit what was called an Adult Training Centre. The adults being … Continue reading

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Rolling With the Punch(line)

by the Very Rev Dr David Ison, Dean of St Paul’s ‘My wife complained that her feet hurt. I said: “You’ve got your shoes on the wrong feet.” She said: “But these are the only feet I’ve got.”’ Tommy Cooper … Continue reading

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Why Religious ‘Tolerance Clauses’ are Morally Reprehensible.

by Jayne Ozanne, Director of the Ozanne Foundation and Editor of ViaMedia.News On Thursday evening the States of Jersey voted by 40 votes to 5 to reject a so-called “Tolerance Clause” within their proposed Same-Sex Marriage legislation.  Had it passed … Continue reading

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