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A Modern Day Nativity Policy: Last Week’s Other Global News

by Colin Blakely, Editor of the Church of England Newspaper and Co-Editor of ViaMedia.News The last week has been a momentous one. Unfortunately, those who are reading this in the UK may be unaware of the level of importance of … Continue reading

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“Enjoy But Don’t Inhale!”

by the Revd Canon Rosie Harper, Chaplain to the Bishop of Buckingham and Member of General Synod The past few weeks in the church where I work there have seen some of the largest numbers ever, and some of the … Continue reading

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Are Christians Guilty of Exerting Peer Pressure to Make People “Fit In”?

by the Very Revd Dr David Ison, Dean of St Paul’s and Vice-Chair of the Ozanne Foundation All of us want to ‘fit in’, to be part of a human group where we feel at home. It’s programmed into our … Continue reading

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Toxic Debates & Disagreement

by Erika Baker, Convener of the Christians for LGBTI+ Equality Facebook Group Our current polarising Brexit debate shows us what happens when politics does not include the notion of Good Disagreement, and when winning at all cost comes at the price … Continue reading

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Advent – The Challenge of Active Waiting

by the Revd Canon Giles Goddard, Former Chair of the Human Sexuality Group on General Synod and member of the Co-ordinating Group for the “Living in Love and Faith” Project. We have just celebrated Advent Sunday. The new year begins. … Continue reading

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A New Clash of Civilisations – Where God is on “Our Side”

by Jayne Ozanne, Editor of ViaMedia.News and Member of General Synod It seems our world is getting even more divided by issues that create irreconcilable differences between hitherto relatively peaceful sections of Western society.  There is a growing desire for … Continue reading

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Spinning the Stats – Are We Too Defensive to Really Listen?

by the Revd Dr Jeremy Morris, Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge Is the Church of England still the church of the nation? It’s probably only Anglicans themselves who still assume it is, and even then not all of them.  Constitutionally, … Continue reading

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