We Can’t Go Back…

A Series of Via Media blogs during the Covid_19 crisis exploring the Archbishop of Canterbury’s comment during his Easter sermon, “We Can’t Go Back…(to how things were before)”

Apr 21st – Hidden Lives & Untold Stories by the Revd Canon Dr Mandy Ford (podcast)

Apr 24th – Remember, These are Early Days by the Rt Revd Paul Bayes (podcast)

Apr 28th – To Pretending Closeness is Unnecessary by Savitri Hensman (podcast)

May 1st – A Re-Minder to Us All by the Very Revd Prof Martyn Percy (podcast)

May 4th – In Our Quest for the “Perfect Service” by Prof Helen King (podcast)

May 8th – To Being In Control by the Very Revd Dr David Ison (podcast)

May 11th – But We Can Say Sorry by the Revd Dr Tina Beardsley (podcast)

May 15th – To Being Focused on Our Own Significance by the Very Revd Nicholas Henshall (podcast)

May 19th – To Our Old Familiar Cages by the Revd Tim Goode (podcast)

May 21st – To Power Games & Inequality by the Revd Canon Rosie Harper (podcast)