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Voices of Hope is a collection of Daily Reflections for Lent 2019 written by 40 LGBTI+ Christians, who will each share a Bible verse or passage that has helped sustain them through testing and difficult times.

We hope these will be a source of inspiration to you, and bring comfort, hope and healing as we journey through Lent together.  The themes that we will cover are:

Mar 6th – 9th                     Introduction to series

Mar 11th – 16th                 All One in Christ

Mar 18th – 23rd                Created in God’s Image…

Mar 25th – 30th                The Healing Power of God’s Love

Apr 1st – 6th                      Holding onto Hope in a Dry Place

Apr 8th – 13th                    Truths to Live By

Apr 15th – 20th                 God Will Bring Us Home

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Posts to date are:

March 22nd 2019 – Tina Beardsley, No More Shame, Psalm 34: 4 – 5

March 21st 2019 – Philip Baldwin, Healing & Hope, Luke 7: 6 – 7

March 20th 2019 – Sara Gillingham, Wonderfully Created, Psalm 139: 13 – 14

March 19th 2019 – Neil Patterson, Flesh of My Flesh, Genesis 2: 18, 23

March 18th 2019 – Rachel Mann, The Broken Body, I Cor 10: 16

March 16th 2019 – Ayla Lepine, Daring to Abide, John 15: 4

March 15th  2019 – Jide Macaulay, My Beloved…, Romans 9: 25 – 26

March 14th 2019 – Andy Marshall, Nothing Means Nothing, Romans 8: 38 – 39

March 13th 2019 – Andrea King, May They Also Be In Us, John 17: 20 – 21

March 12th 2019 – Alex Clare-Young, Breaking Down Dividing Walls, Gal 3: 28

March 11th 2019 – Luke Dowsing, Holding on to Hope, Rev 7:9

March 9th 2019 – Roy Clements, The Passion at the Heart of the Universe, Hosea 11

March 8th 2019 – Chris Newlands, International Women’s Day, Ruth 1:11

March 7th 2019 – Gareth Wardell, Change is Coming, Mark 1:11

March 6th 2019 – Jayne Ozanne, Power of Testimony, Revelation 12:11

Our 2019 Contributors, in alphabetical order, are:

Alex Clare-Young – Breaking Down Dividing Walls

Alex Huzzey

Andrea King – May They Also Be In Us

Andrew F Cain

Andrew Woodward

Andy Marshall – Nothing Means Nothing

Ann Reddecliffe

Ayla Lepine – Daring to Abide

Chris Newlands – International Women’s Day

Claire Jones

Clare Bryden

David Monteith

Elaine Sommers

Erika Baker

Gareth Wardell – Change is Coming!

Hannah Cartwright

Hayley Matthews

Jayne Ozanne – Power of Testimony

Jay Greene

Jeffrey John

Jen Clark

Jeremy Marks

Jide Macaulay – My Beloved

Lucy Gorman

Luke Dowding – Holding on to Hope

Neil Patterson – Flesh of My Flesh

Nigel Evans

Peter Leonard

Philip Baldwin – Healing & Hope

Rachel Mann – The Broken Body

Robert Hammond

Roy Clements – The Passion at the Heart of the Universe

Ruth Gilson-Webb

Sara Gillingham – Wonderfully Created

Sarah Jones

Savi Hensman

Steven Hilton

Sue Jones

Tina Beardsley – No More Shame

Tracey Byrne